How To Show Affection To Your Partner

Longevity in love is not something that you can leave to chance. Sometimes though, it's as simple as letting the other person know that they're important to you through your actions. 

Whether you are dating or married, showing affection will enhance and further your relationship. Showing affection to your loved one brings trust, happiness, love, and romance. The easiest ways are by the feeling of touch. Touch heightens the senses and stimulates us. Both men and women need affection, so here are some ideas for you to be affectionate with your loved one.

Touching or stroking his or her face and cheek. Run your fingers through their hair. A truly great kiss from your loved one will often have these elements; use them willingly, liberally and as often as you can.

Hold hands when you are walking or sitting together. Stroke their hand while you talk and/or kiss their fingers. Actions like this confirm to your loved one that you are there for them.

Hug each other often and in various ways: give big goodbye hugs, sweet comforting hugs, and cuddly playful hugs. We often forget how good a hug makes someone else feel. Easy to do and speaks volumes. Our busy lives often dictate what we do and how we do it. Take the time to thank your spouse who’s busy in the kitchen or perhaps working outside. These small moments are the glue that can hold a couple together during difficult times.

Kiss each other sweetly on the lips, face, hair, hands, and any other body part. Remember to keep it sweet; it’s important not to be aggressive, overly playful or sensuous. Make it count; it’s about connecting with your mate on a deeper level. (Just a note to men: if you follow the rules and show your affection genuinely and openly, chances are that your partner will be much more aroused and receptive anyway)

Cuddle with each other on the couch while watching TV or reading, in the car, at the movie theater, in bed, and any other place you feel comfortable.

Softly rub your lover’s back, arm, or neck while driving, hugging, kissing, cooking, eating, etc. Massages are a great way to give back to your partner. Don’t forget to stock up on a variety massage oils; they are plentiful and easy to find at any department store, drug store or erotica shop.

Stop the daily craziness and smile at each other throughout the day. Look at each other with love and admiration and speak to each other in calm, happy tones. Each time you exchange a smile; remind yourself of how lucky you are to have this person in your life. Try to overlook the small, petty stuff that people tend to bicker about.

Don’t forget to say "I love you," or tell your spouse that they are “wonderful” or “beautiful”.  When you compliment your spouse it reaffirms to them that they are important to you. Always be sincere and try to look for the positive.

An important note: In our crazy, busy lives we often take for granted the one person who we rely on the very most. We get caught up in the business of getting our commitments with the kids done in a timely fashion, getting laundry done, taking the car in for repairs. But we forget about that one special person. Take time out of your day for each other. Talk about your hopes and dreams and be supportive of each others point of view. Spice it up. If you are well-connected on an emotional level; you are a couple that can make your relationship one that lasts.

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